MyHouse YourHouse Lockdown Edition number 3 in the clouds

Check out all the lovely music we played last Thursday night…

Maurice Fulton – Not Sure How I Would
James Massiah – Natural Born Killers (Ride for Me)
Generation Next – We Own The Night
Len Leise – Stars for Jorge
Zopelar – Jazz da XV
Reggie Dokes – She Knows
Steve Legget & Mark Hand (feat. Greg Blackman) – If You Cannot Try
Jack J – Something (On My Mind)
Sapho – Le Train De Paris (Jura Soundsystem Edit)
Linda “Babe” Majika – Let’s Make A Deal
Kapote – Grandmaster Edit
Earl’s BOOOM!!! – Badadu
Whodat & Viola Klein – Reprise
Ivan ‘Mamão’ Conti – Bacurau
Footshooter – Lay (ft MA.MOYO)
Jungle Wonz – The Jungle (Jamie’s Jungle Sounds Edit)
Chaos in the CBD feat. Nathan Haines & Dave Koor – Emotional Intelligence
Contours – Returning (K15 Remix)
Ben Hauke – Nightwork ft. Joe Armon-Jones
Bill Withers – Harlem (The Fantasy Edit)
Roy Ayres Ubruquity – We Live In BRUKlyn ™Shall I Bruk It flip
Nelson Of The East – Night Frames
The Maghreban – Rocky & Bullwinkle
Neue Grafik – Bed Stuy’s Mood
DJ Plead – Massari and Me
Soul Connection – Change / Love
Jeannette N’Diaye – Makom Ma Bobe (Mendel Edit)

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