Recommendation of the Day – Karmasound – La Búsqueda

This album is fast becoming something of a ‘go to’ mood enhancer for me.  If I feel like I need a little lift (let’s face it who doesn’t these days) I reach for this album.  I’ve been a big fan of Karmasound since discovering his EPs on the always on point Phuture Shock label, but nothing prepared me for this album.  It’s on the jazzy broken beat tip that you might have noticed is a favourite with me, but this album is so much more than that.  Have a listen, I guarantee it will bring a smile to your face.

Recommendation of the Day – Footshooter – Libations & Movement

Time for a new feature in these crazy times we’re living through.  I thought I’d post a music recomendation every day to keep us all sane.  First up, a brand new EP of amazing music from Footshooter for the Dance Regular label.  Following on from his releases on YAM and Rhythm Section (as one half of Saul) we now have this epic new EP Libations & Movements.  Loads of great guests on this one; singers, rappers and poets adding to the vibe.  Musically it’s a rich soulful, jazz inflected broken beat tapestry that sounds great on the home stereo but no doubt will rock the club, when that kind of thing is legal again.  One track is available to stream at the moment and comes with bandcamp pre-orders, but you can get a sneak peak at a second track towards the end of my mix here too.

MyHouse YourHouse Lockdown Session

Another Lockdown session for the MyHouse YourHouse family.  Mostly new music on this one, with a few old faves, check it out and enjoy.  Next MHYH session scheduled for next Thursday…

Ultramarine – Breathing
Emma-Jean Thackray – Movementt
Koichi Sakai / Afla Sackey – Yamb feat. Kadialy Kouyate
Mr Fingers – You’re Someone Special
Space Ghost – Feelin Real Good
Theo Parrish – This is for You
Alex Attias feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow & Kid K. – I Wanna Know
Kay Sputnik – Sun King
Kush Jones – I Believe in Space
Yu Su – 233
Trackstars – Check the Technique
Roy Ayres Ubruquity – E.D.T.S.™Shall I Bruk It Brukt
Anthony Naples – Pinao
Alton Miller – Cool but So… (Chaos in the CBD remix)
Tatham,Mensah,Lord & Ranks – Life After Subway
Cyclonix – Jazz Beat Fast
Natalie Cole – Annie Mae ™Shall I Bruk It Flip
CZ Wang, Neo Image – Just Off Wave (feat. Separated at Birth)
Johnny Miller – Imperfect Action
DJ Plead – Mercy
Jay Daniel – Cherry
Karmasound – Bailando Con La Luna
Greater Manchester Housing Authority – Heavy As Stone (dub)
Louie Vega & The Martinez Brothers with Marc E. Bassy – Let It Go
Footshooter – Head Down (ft Jaisal & Slam The Poet)
Gil Scott Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Albums Of 2019

In case you missed the playlist from a few weeks ago, these were my 20 favourite albums of the year.  In no particular order…  Note, I have changed my mind on one of them since the playlist thanks to discovering the Resavoir album recently (shout out to Haze City!!)

Sampa The Great – The Return

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Bandana

Jamila Woods – Legacy! Legacy!

Shafiq Husayn – The Loop

Hector Plimmer – Next To Nothing

Sault – 5

Damon Locks – Where The Future Unfolds

Ryota O.P.P. – Esoterica

Dego – Too Much

Ivan Conti – Poison Fruit

Tenesha The Wordsmith – Peacocks & Other Savage Beasts

Nu Era – Evolve

Daniel Maunick – Macumba Quebrada

Shanti Celeste – Tangerine

Rawtrachs – Archaia​-​6

Gary Gritness – The Legend of Cherenkov Blue

Tribe Of Colin – Age Of Aquarius

Tommaso Cappellato – Butterflying

Joe Armon-Jones – Turn To Clear View

Resavoir – Resavoir


Pursuit Grooves – Bess

Here we have a brand new album from the excellent producer and singer Pursuit Grooves. I really loved her last album, last year’s ‘Felt Armour’ which seemed to go under the radar for most. The new one is a tribute to Bessie Coleman, the first Black American female pilot, who was an early aviator in the 1920s. I love a good concept behind the music, fuels the imagination no end. Pursuit Grooves’ music glides along beautifully conjuring up images of Bess doing her thing. There’s even a nice little vocal track about Bess, ‘Standing Firm On Wings’.  The music crosses house, bass and r&b boundaries effortlessly and is a pleasure to listen to.  Check it out at the link below

Rawtrachs – Archaia-6

Music zine creater, label runner, radio host and all round nice guy Anand Patel aka Rawtrachs has a new album out you should check. The album’s full of dancefloor gear all of it produced with a gritty, lo-fi, DIY mentality. There’s plenty of variety too with vibesy housey numbers, grimey bits, techno moments all present. All that and it’s yours to download for £1.49, can’t complain at that.

Mother Tongue

Mother Tongue is a brand new record label and vinyl pressing plant run by Patrick Gibin out of Verona Italy. They currently have a couple of great vinyl only releases out in the wild that are seriously good.

First up is Pezzate #001, four wicked disco boogie edits from Twice & Volcov. No titles or details on these, just great music that speaks for itself. If you’re a fan of Patrick’s Black Aroma series you’re going to love these. Click here to secure a copy.

The second release is shrouded in even more mystery than the first. All we have is 黒舌, I’m not sure if this is an artist name, not much to go on here. A listen to the music may well give you a clue who’s behind it, I think I know, though I won’t spoil the fun. Two tracks of groovy dancefloor goodness. Check it out at this link