Another MyHouse YourHouse Lockdown Session

There will be another MyHouse YourHouse lockdown livestream session tonight.  Lots of new music that’s floating my boat lined up to play tonight.  Whilst the Noods shows take a more eclectic approach, going to keep these MHYH shows more on a dancefloor tip. Show starts from 6pm tonight here

The return of MyHouseYourHouse, tune in tonight at 6pm

MyHouseYourHouse was one of the original streaming stations dedicated to dance music.  I was proud to be involved for a good number of years with my Repair Your Soul shows and later alongside my good friend Dave Sector with the Beyond Sector 12/12 shows.  The MyHouseYourHouse team have decide to get the band back together for a limited period whilst the world is in Covid-19 lockdown.  They’ve already had excellent sessions from the likes of Red Rackem, Beane Noodler and main organiser Alex Traska.  The full schedule can be viewed on the website.  I will be bringing back Repair Your Soul this evening from 6pm for an old school vinyl session.  Plenty of vintage House and Broken tunes all lined up, with a couple of funk bombs.  It’s a video stream too, so you can have a little peak into the chaos that is my attic/studo and laugh at the look of concentration on my face.  Join us from 6pm GMT here

If you missed the show today, it’s catch-up time

This lunchtime we hit the Noods airwaves and these lovely records got an airing, have a listen back if you missed it…

Resavoir – Plantasy (International Anthem)
Okay Temiz / Johnny Dyani – Orient Trip (Matsuli Music)
Nakara Percussions – Balimba (Kosmos Jazz)
Jean-Pierre Boistel / Tony Kenneybrew – Remedios (Left Ear Records)
Obed Ngobeni and the Kurhula Sisters – Ta Duma (Afrosynth)
Eden Burns – Patches Theme (Public Possession)
Steve Spacek – Rawl Aredo (Black Focus Records)
Fatherhood – Healthy Cut (Study)
Joey Anderson – Mystic Strings (Uzuri Recordings)
WAR – Flying Machine (Shall I Bruk It flip) (Shall I Bruk It)
Jeff Parker – Fusion Loop (International Anthem)
Lord Tusk – Love in Dystopia (Apron Records)
First Touch – Do You Really Wanna Dance (DJ Spinna Galactic Funk remix) (Mother Tongue Records)
Franz Scala – Thai City (Bahnsteig 23)
The Paul Simpson Connection – Dub Me (Streetwise Records)

Today’s Show Available on Mixcloud

November’s show went a little something like this, full tracklisting below. Go support that good music…

Patrick Cowley – Thrill of the Hunt
Glenn Astro – Slarutan (Pristine Mix)
Al Kent – Sing a Song
Àbáse – Align (feat. Wayne Snow)
Drummotive – Cluster
Saul – Earth & Rain (feat. Poppy Ajudha)
Anthony Naples – Pinao
Hugh Masekela – Don’t Go Lose It Baby
Nelsons Of The East – Burning Palm (Fantastic Man Awakening Dub)
Trackstars – Check the Technique
Will DiMaggio – Nice Vibe At The Dance
CZ Wang, Neo Image – Just Off Wave (feat. Separated at Birth)
Photek – Glamourama

The latest show for NOODS is up for streaming

The latest show is now up on the Mixcloud, featuring these ace tunes.  I was definitely on a mellow one, barely getting past the headnod zone.  However, there was so much great new music in that mode, that I just had to dedicate the whole hour to that vibe.  Particular mentions to the great new Snailpace comp on Futurepastzine of which we played a couple; the sick new release from DayKoda and that wicked emanative dub.  Full tracklist below as mixcloud is a bit weird on that tip these days?!

Seahawks & Woo – The Hearts Fandango
Voluntários da Pátria – Marcha
Jah Shaka – Blessings Of Dub
emanative – Version Vibes
DayKoda – Transitions
Between Walls – Lotus
Yasuaki Shimizu – Kono Yoni Yomeri (Sono 2)
Fabriano Fuzion – Kaladja Vivilo 2
Darkhouse Family – All The Way (Flutestrumental)
L-Qui – Birds
Benedek – Westin
salami rose joe louis – Octagonal Room
Wu Cloud – Malam Malam
eccentricedits – Canoe Song
Fragile – We’ve Got Tonight, Boy
Mark E – Midnight Equatic (Museum of Love Remix)
Len Leise – Stars for Jorge
Magalhães e Sua Guitarra – Xangô

Latest Noods show is up on Mixcloud

Monday’s show is up on mixcloud in case you missed it.  Or perhaps you fancy a second listen?  Either way I encourage you to hit the play button!  We got into these tunes over the hour…

Rare Silk – Storm
Damon Locks – Black Monument Ensemble – Rebuild A Nation
Cosmos Dwellers Arkestra – Love thoughts
Mark Pritchard – Rakatak
Betsayda Machado & La Parrando El Clavo – Alaé Alaó
Admin – Deep Mantra
Ben Neville – Monsoon
Laroye – The Trickster
Beringei – The People, The Place (feat. Shama Joseph)
Setwun – Suns Child
Marvin Jupiter – Reach (dego & lord remix)
Drummotive – 77 Astro Black

Noods Radio now on DAB in Bristol

If you’re in the Bristol area, you can now listen to Noods Radio via a DAB Radio.  Tell Me I’m Dreaming returns to the station Monday lunchtime at midday, so retune your radios beforehand!  If you need help retuning your device click here.  And don’t worry, you can still listen over the internet at the Noods Website or via TuneIn if you prefer.

June’s Show on Mixcloud

Today’s show is up on mixcloud to play at your leisure.  Definitely a sunshine vibe to this one so enjoy with an icecream!  Tracklist is shown below…

Anthony Naples – Channel 2
Tommaso Cappellato – No Flies For A Closed Mouth (feat. Piero Bittolo Bon)
Azymuth – Juntos Mais uma Vez
Al Dobson Jr. – Look At You
o1o – Lying Snake Lips
Kutmah – This World…
Alex Simon – Runnin’ Out Of Time
Bella Vista – Mister Wong (Jura Soundsystem Extended Edit)
Maraka – May East
Dennis Young – Berlin
J. Rocc & Flaunt Edwards – No Cross (edit)
Yotoko – Sealed Air
Contours – The Dada Loop
Will DiMaggio – Uh Uh Oh
eccentricedits – deux Edit
Delroy Edwards – How High Is The Moon
Harmonious Thelonious – Rivera (Tolouse Low Trax Remix)
Aura Safari – Midnight Discipline