Moodymann – Sinner

There was a time when Moodymann seemed to be smashing out releases at an alarming rate, particularly during the years of the Peacefrog hookup. While his output may have slowed somewhat in recent years, the excitement and anticipation a new KDJ release can bring is still very much present. So here we have the new Moodymann album for 2019. While it irks me a little that a few of these have been out before in various guises, I must admit he seems to be in fine form here. Whether stepping up to the mic such as on opener ‘I’ll Provide’ or in sample cut and paste mode like on ‘If I Gave U My Love’, there’s plenty to keep the die hard fans more than happy. There’s also a digital version on bandcamp for those who missed the limited vinyl run, which inevitably sold out in a flash. Check it out below and see what you think.

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