Sonar’s Ghost X GMHA – 3 X 2

Out today, Sonar’s Ghost goes head to head with GMHA for the Sector 12/12 label. As well as being absolute fire, it’s all for a good cause with all proceeds going to support a local homeless shelter.

It’s not a well kept secret that Sonar’s Ghost is one Dominic Stanton flexing his post retirement production skills. The EP opens up with ‘Loveboat’, a glitchy, channel-hopping number that was previously given away as a freebie with a limited run t-shirt. ‘Ol Blue Eyes’ is next with a little rolling drum & bass flavour. Dominic finishes his (virtual) side with ‘The Moltern Mole’, a crunchy dub number. Be warned, we recommend listening to this one with a decent set of speakers to fully enjoy that b-line.

GMHA takes over for round two kicking off with the absolutely gorgeous ‘Hypnotica’. The off kilter drums on this one are an absolute delight. Next up is ‘Rack and Ruin’ which starts off all moody electronics until the banging kick smashes us round the chops halfway through. Finally we have a lovely little downtempo vibe, ‘Marget’ to close the set. Purchase here.

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