Sonar’s Ghost X GMHA – 3 X 2

Out today, Sonar’s Ghost goes head to head with GMHA for the Sector 12/12 label. As well as being absolute fire, it’s all for a good cause with all proceeds going to support a local homeless shelter.

It’s not a well kept secret that Sonar’s Ghost is one Dominic Stanton flexing his post retirement production skills. The EP opens up with ‘Loveboat’, a glitchy, channel-hopping number that was previously given away as a freebie with a limited run t-shirt. ‘Ol Blue Eyes’ is next with a little rolling drum & bass flavour. Dominic finishes his (virtual) side with ‘The Moltern Mole’, a crunchy dub number. Be warned, we recommend listening to this one with a decent set of speakers to fully enjoy that b-line.

GMHA takes over for round two kicking off with the absolutely gorgeous ‘Hypnotica’. The off kilter drums on this one are an absolute delight. Next up is ‘Rack and Ruin’ which starts off all moody electronics until the banging kick smashes us round the chops halfway through. Finally we have a lovely little downtempo vibe, ‘Marget’ to close the set. Purchase here.

Repair Your Soul – Episode 2

Episode 2 of the Repair Your Soul show with Neil Sherwood.  We start with a lovely little jazzed up hip hop beat from Cat Therapist.  Move through the monumental new one from Kamaal Williams, that guitar solo damn!  Touching on a couple of nice DNB tunes and a slightly pitched up Linkwood.  Before hitting the broken house techno stride with a few killers in the 130s.  Enjoy the ride!

Cat Therapist – Springtime
Kamaal Williams – Snitches Brew
Harvey Sutherland – I Can See (Rings Around Saturn Remix)
Footshooter – Mars (feat. And Is Phi)
Linkwood – Fresh Gildans
Max Graef – Midi Lisa
Overmono – Quadraluv
Bad Channel – A
Pacific Coliseum – Ocean City
Partner Music – Patu
Kaidi Tatham – Freddie Can’t Run Away
Feeling Kréyol – Las Palé
Kevin Murning – Mode’s Arp (190 In The Polo Edit)
Alex Attias & Sidi Touré – Agabory

Ivan ‘Mamão’ Conti – Poison Fruit

Update – First single Bacurau now available

Ivan Conti is best known as the rhythm section of the fantastic long running Brazilian jazz funk group Azymuth.  Azymuth have been going since 1973, but this isn’t the first time Ivan has put out a solo project.  Discogs tells me his first solo album came out way back in 1984 featuring this rather fetching cover!  One for the shopping list no doubt.


Currently there is only a little 6 minute teaser mix of a bunch of tracks from the new album, but it’s enough to get excited about for sure.  The album’s been produced by Daniel Maunick (aka Dokta Venom) and Ivan’s son Thiago Maranhão.  The label is promising experiments with sounds more commonly associated with the modern dancefloor.   The album is due on Far Out Recordings in the new year.  A couple of remix EPs which have preceded the release are still available with remixes from big hitters IG Culture, 22a crew, Max Graef and Glenn Astro

Cat Therapist – Jobs

A cool little beat tape on the way from ace Birmingham based label and fanzine Futurepast Zine. The artist behind this one is Cat Therapist, a new one to me. At time of writing five tracks are available, all jazz injected, experimental, hip hop vignettes. The full set will be released on the 6th December as digital or limited cassette. Pre-order at the link below.

pre-order at Bandcamp

Overmono -Whities 019

Just released is the final release of 2018 from the always on point Whities label. Real life brothers Tessela and Truss are behind this one under the name Overmono. Lead track ‘iii’s Front’ is all about the intricate detailed drums. The level of programming here apparently took the duo two weeks to perfect those beats. ‘Quadraluv’ brings a pulsating gauzey aspect to the EP, with the breaks sneaking in towards the end. ‘Yell0w_tail’ completes the set with it’s angular beats and icy electronics. Whities have had an exceptional year and this is a fitting finale.

Pinty – Tropical Bleu

So here we have a brand new MC from Peckham with a new EP forthcoming on the mighty Rhythm Section. First track is out now Tropical Bleu. The music has a woozy downbeat feel, definitely something you’d expect from Rhythm Section. Pinty’s lyrics ride the beat effortlessly, bringing something a little different. Full EP City Limits will be released early next year. Worth checking out Pinty’s earlier self-released material from a few years back in the meantime. Links below!

Stream or Buy the new single

Pinty’s previous release

Andrew Wasylyk – The Paralian

Update : out today!

The Athens of the North record label are mostly known for their reissues of glorious, long forgotten soul, disco and jazz music. Their releases favour in particular the 7 inch vinyl format. There have however been a few exceptions, most notably the beautiful Hampshire and Foat album and now this new one from Andrew Wasylyk which appears to be in a similar vein. Andrew Wasylyk is a pseudonym for Scottish musician Andrew Mitchell. So far only one track is available to preview, Greendive#2 as well as a little YouTube trailer. The tune is a stunning piece of music that certainly whets the appetite. Athens of the North promise an album touching on modern classical, ambient, jazz alongside a touch of folk. We’ll have to wait until next February to find out for sure, but for now you can check out the teaser track and pre-order at their bandcamp.

pre-order on bandcamp

Steve Spacek – Natural Sci-Fi

It looks like this one has been a long time in the making! Apparently this album was started way back in 2005 as a follow up to Steve’s Spaceshift album but never completed until now. Not that Steve has been slouching in the meantime what with many other projects on the go including Africa Hitech with Mark Pritchard or Space Invadas with Katalyst. Eglo records have also been issuing a number of Spacek bangers over the last year or so with a trio of EPs. It’s great to see they now have a full album on the way. For the time being we have just the one track to preview, Carnival Nights, which has a great futuristic dancehall vibe. The full album is released December 7th, but you can pre-order via the Eglo bandcamp page now.

Purchase on bandcamp

Nana Tuffour – Sikyi Medley

I’d never heard of the genre ‘Burger Highlife’ until recently.  Burger Highlife is the meeting point between traditional Ghanaian Highlife and 80’s style synths.  This reissue, a joint release from Kalita records and CC:Editions is a good example of this type of music.  Featuring four tracks by Nana Tuffour taken from a couple of his albums.  The first two are taken from the ‘Genesis’ album from 1993, which incidentally can be listened to in full via Spotify.  The other tracks are taken from a later lesser know album, ‘Highlife Tropicana’ from 1997.  Personally I could have done without the last track ‘Jesus’ which hasn’t aged too well, but the rest of the package is pretty solid

Repair Your Soul – Episode 1

The Repair Your Soul show returns to the clouds for this first episode with Neil Sherwood playing all these marvelous records…

Insólito UniVerso – Transmutada
Greater Manchester Housing Authority – Alnilam
Dreamcast – Up 2 U
Brandon Coleman – Walk Free (Flying Lotus remix)
Jaubi – Lahore State Of Mind (Al Dobson Jr remix)
Victor – Amerikan Dread (Androo Dub)
Yazz Ahmed – The Lost Pearl (Hector Plimmer remix)
Specter – Not New To This
Marlui Miranda – Tchori Tchori (remix)
Tenderlonious – Broken Tom
Pedro & Jenna Camille – Float
Hanna – Perhaps (Earl Jeffers remix)
Chaos In The CBD – Multiverse
Stephane Attias – Sunset
Lay-Far – Morning (Lay-Far rework)