DayKoda – All Of Me

If you listened to our latest show you must have noticed a totally out there piece of future jazz business from DayKoda.  The whole album is absolutely nuts, in a good way of course.  There’s a sweet Reginald Omas Mamode IV remix on there as well if it all gets a bit too much for you.  Check the whole thing at the link above👆


The latest show for NOODS is up for streaming

The latest show is now up on the Mixcloud, featuring these ace tunes.  I was definitely on a mellow one, barely getting past the headnod zone.  However, there was so much great new music in that mode, that I just had to dedicate the whole hour to that vibe.  Particular mentions to the great new Snailpace comp on Futurepastzine of which we played a couple; the sick new release from DayKoda and that wicked emanative dub.  Full tracklist below as mixcloud is a bit weird on that tip these days?!

Seahawks & Woo – The Hearts Fandango
Voluntários da Pátria – Marcha
Jah Shaka – Blessings Of Dub
emanative – Version Vibes
DayKoda – Transitions
Between Walls – Lotus
Yasuaki Shimizu – Kono Yoni Yomeri (Sono 2)
Fabriano Fuzion – Kaladja Vivilo 2
Darkhouse Family – All The Way (Flutestrumental)
L-Qui – Birds
Benedek – Westin
salami rose joe louis – Octagonal Room
Wu Cloud – Malam Malam
eccentricedits – Canoe Song
Fragile – We’ve Got Tonight, Boy
Mark E – Midnight Equatic (Museum of Love Remix)
Len Leise – Stars for Jorge
Magalhães e Sua Guitarra – Xangô

Ben Tankard – Eden Celebration

I came across this track thanks to an ace Spotify playlist put together by Steven Julien aka Funkineven. I assumed I was listening to something recent, maybe an Apron related artist. Turns out I was completely wrong, the track turns out to be from the 90s by a musician usually known for Gospel music. The track is the final tune on his mostly instrumental All Keyed Up album. The rest of the album is a little bit too much of a smooth elevator vibe for my ears, but this cut is something else.

Latest Noods show is up on Mixcloud

Monday’s show is up on mixcloud in case you missed it.  Or perhaps you fancy a second listen?  Either way I encourage you to hit the play button!  We got into these tunes over the hour…

Rare Silk – Storm
Damon Locks – Black Monument Ensemble – Rebuild A Nation
Cosmos Dwellers Arkestra – Love thoughts
Mark Pritchard – Rakatak
Betsayda Machado & La Parrando El Clavo – Alaé Alaó
Admin – Deep Mantra
Ben Neville – Monsoon
Laroye – The Trickster
Beringei – The People, The Place (feat. Shama Joseph)
Setwun – Suns Child
Marvin Jupiter – Reach (dego & lord remix)
Drummotive – 77 Astro Black

Noods Radio now on DAB in Bristol

If you’re in the Bristol area, you can now listen to Noods Radio via a DAB Radio.  Tell Me I’m Dreaming returns to the station Monday lunchtime at midday, so retune your radios beforehand!  If you need help retuning your device click here.  And don’t worry, you can still listen over the internet at the Noods Website or via TuneIn if you prefer.

Marenn Sukie & Drummotive – Had Enough Rain / 77 Astro Black

Dutch label Next Phase Records are predominantly known for their excellent Drum ‘n’ Bass releases.  However, they occasionally put out some real beauties that are less worried about BPM restrictions and more concerned with tranquil atmospherics.  The labels Wound Up Beat Tape series was a great example of this.  This latest double header from Marenn Sukie and Drummotive is another stunning example.  Check the link below to order the vinyl or digital direct from the label and if you like what you hear, have a hunt around the rest of the label catalogue.

Betsayda Machado & La Parrando El Clavo – Loé Loá – Rural Recordings Under The Mango Tree

The latest release from the always on point Olinda records sees a reissue of this amazing field recording from Venezuela, originally released back in 2017.  Olinda are giving the album it’s much deserved first vinyl release aswell as a digital re-release.  The music on offer is mostly in a traditional Venezuelan style called ‘Parranda’ and features only vocals and percussion.  There are 17 singers and 12 percussionists contributing to the beautiful sounds.  You can order the vinyl or digital direct from the Olinda bandcamp below, or look out for it in the finer record stores.

There is also an NPR tiny concert which is also worth checking out

Nelson Of The East – P.A.L.

The last Ep by acronym lover N.O.T.E was a massive highlight of last year for me. I was initially drawn to it as included was a remix by Glenn Astro. This always attracts my interest. However it turned out that the original s were the favourite on offer this time (no offence Glenn). This release is just as tasty with a couple of super offbeat house numbers. I think opening cut ‘P.A.L.’ has the edge, but there’s not much in it. There’s also a great Fantastic Man remix of second track ‘Burning Palm’. One to watch for sure.