Last Month’s Noods Session In the Clouds

All these dope tunes got a spin…

Warren Hampshire – Eve Of The Deluge
Nicky Soft Touch – The Face On The Note
The Billy Love Experience – Let Love Live
Richard Greenan – Rehearsing Heat
Middle Name Dance Band – Weekend Love Chant (vocal) ft Wallace
Andrzej Mikolajczak – Tori
Carrie Cleveland – Take Me To A Disco (Instrumental)
Mary Love Comer – Come Out Of The Sandbox (East Coast Love Affair mix)
Dam Funk – Grow
Justice – Literal
Javonntte – Reggietune
Kavita – Goddess Deluxe (BB Boogie Original)
Chaos In The CBD & Jon Sable – Te Puke Thunder

Sunday’s MyHouse YourHouse show up on Mixcloud

Have a listen at the link above. Started off all mellow with a lovely instrumental piano moment from SAULT and ends up with a jump up jungle banger from DJ 3D and Refreshers (aka Lukid)

SAULT – The Black & Gold
Azymuth – Zé e Paraná
Hotspring – An Item
Vels Trio – Yellow Ochre Pt. 1
Sampa The Great – Energy (feat. Nadeem Din-Gabisi)
AZAR AZAR – Space Coconut Conspiracy
Raul Monsalve y los Forajidos – Cafunga
BaDaBooM! – Virtual Sex (Interlude)
Dougie Stu – Henny
Theo Parrish – Hambone Cappuccino
Andrew Ashong & Kaidi Tatham – Washed in You
Lonzine Wright – Stop the Taxi
SAULT – Free
30/70 – Fluid Motion (Setwun remix)
Afrikan Sciences – Bass Reeves
The Neighbourhood Character – Unacceptable Model (4 A Dance Track)
Domu – Sweet Times
Fradinho – A Bright Future (Karmasound Remix)
Daniel Maunick – Hurt Feelings
Kush Jones – Bounce
Moodymann – Pull Up Selecta
Devoye – Uptown Jazz
Kareem Ali – Hustle II (Rise Of The Phoenix)
Lex Amor – Moesh (Feat. Dips & Lo-Wu)
Arp Frique – Minina Bem Li Feat. Americo Brito
DJ Plead – Going For It
Loraine James – Hmm
AYBEE – Wind Speak
Mark Nicholas – This Jazz
DJ 3D – How Many Ways (Refreshers Rework)

Latest Noods Show Available On Mixcloud

Monday’s lunchtime show was a mellow affair, I played these lovely records on a reggae, soul, jazz and electronica tip…

Sharon Little – Don’t Mash Up Creation
Lorenzo Morresi – Prioria
Horace Andy – Money Money
Sonya Spence – Talk Love
Fern Kinney – Baby Let Me Kiss You
Deborah Jordan – Stay With You
Awkward Corners – I’ll Do It Tomorrow
D.K. – Mirrors
Misses Misty – Mellow Mellow Ride On
Stone Alliance – Creepin’
Kraftwerk – Franz Schubert
Gary Bartz – Music Is My Sanctuary

Check mixcloud for Another Home Session

Sometimes everything seems to go perfectly and the musical flow is spot on.  This felt like one of those times, see what you think…

Moodymann – Do Wrong
Romaal Kultan – Everlasting Romance
Norman Weeks and Revelations – I Wanna Sing For You
Arlana – When You Call My Name
Akis – Into The Light (Toulouse Low Trax remix)
Jex Opolis – Khamel’s Theme
DJ City – City of Sex
Chuks Ejelonu – Inner Vision
Sapho – Le Train De Paris (Jura Soundsystem Edit)
Da Lata & Bembe Segue – Thunder of Silence (Daz-I-Kue remix)
Lay-Far – Naive
Ty – Wait a Minute
Chezz – Yeah Baby
Tony Allen – Asiko (In A Silent Mix) (Motor City Drum Ensemble remix)
44th Move – Broken (Dan Shake remix)
Ultramarine – By Return
Rick Wade – Night Heroes
Alton Miller – Inner 5
Laroye – Awon Iye feat. Maia Barouh
GU vs Erykah – Honey
War – Flying Machine (Shall I Bruk It flip)
Setwun – Sun’s Child
Red Snapper – Hot Flush (Sabres Of Paradise Remix)
Kraftwerk – Computer World
The Maghreban & Idris Rahman – Lions Of Judah
Harry Mosco – Peaceful Dub

DayKoda – All Of Me

If you listened to our latest show you must have noticed a totally out there piece of future jazz business from DayKoda.  The whole album is absolutely nuts, in a good way of course.  There’s a sweet Reginald Omas Mamode IV remix on there as well if it all gets a bit too much for you.  Check the whole thing at the link above👆


Ben Tankard – Eden Celebration

I came across this track thanks to an ace Spotify playlist put together by Steven Julien aka Funkineven. I assumed I was listening to something recent, maybe an Apron related artist. Turns out I was completely wrong, the track turns out to be from the 90s by a musician usually known for Gospel music. The track is the final tune on his mostly instrumental All Keyed Up album. The rest of the album is a little bit too much of a smooth elevator vibe for my ears, but this cut is something else.

Marenn Sukie & Drummotive – Had Enough Rain / 77 Astro Black

Dutch label Next Phase Records are predominantly known for their excellent Drum ‘n’ Bass releases.  However, they occasionally put out some real beauties that are less worried about BPM restrictions and more concerned with tranquil atmospherics.  The labels Wound Up Beat Tape series was a great example of this.  This latest double header from Marenn Sukie and Drummotive is another stunning example.  Check the link below to order the vinyl or digital direct from the label and if you like what you hear, have a hunt around the rest of the label catalogue.

May’s Show on Mixcloud

It seems I forgot to post May’s Mixcloud link at the time!  So here it is if you missed it.  Featuring all these lovely records…

Karen Marks – Cold Café
Lena Platonos – Bloody Shadows From Afar
Jaco Pastorius – Okonkole y Trompa
Employee – Boss Battle 3
Rebles – Sweetest Taboo (Soca)
Akis – Into The Light (Tolouse Low Trax Remix)
Gemini – Take a Chance
Snips – The Product feat William Stowe
Ronald Langestraat – Lowdown
Sun Runners – Crucial
Julie Coker – Gossiper Scandal Monger
Afronaut – The Revolution will be Digitised (Brukkers Revenge)
Nuff Pedals – Upon Trees
Ben Penn – People
Mark Nicholas – This Jazz
Etuk Ubong – Black Debtors