Tell Me I’m Dreaming Update

Hey, apologies for not updating the site for a long long time.  I got married last weekend and arranging all that took up most if not all of my free time.  Anyway, I’m now back home and hopefully will have a little more time for updating this site and the like.  I’m also on the lookout for contributors.  If any of you are up for posting about your music obsessions however irregularly you like, please get in touch!  Any labels or artists would like us to feature and review their musiuc, please also drop us a line.  We’d also like to start featuring some guest mixes on the TMID mixcloud page, anyone out there up for that?  Send us a DM via social media if you want to chat 🙂


Latest Show Up For Listen Again

Here we go, Tell Me I’m Dreaming, listen at your leisure.

Greater Manchester Housing Authority – Holy Holy Holy
Hampshire & Foat – Woody Bay
Ahmed Malek – La Ville Part. 2
Elsa Hewitt – The Edge
Eddy La Viny – Havan’ Hamac
Andre Tanker – Movin Around
Yazz Ahmed – The Lost Pearl (Hector Plimmer remix)
Admin & Tappin – Wave 1
14KT – The Power Of Same (Kaidi Tatham Remix)
Ras_G & The Afrikan Space Program – Long Gone
Stormcatz – Dry
Ex-Terrestial – Dreams Of Jupiter
Jonah Dan – Inter-Glactic Dub Rock (Verse 2)
D.K. – Worries In The Dance
Jeremy Hyman – Madness
Culross Close – The Tiniest Lights Still Shine
Kamaal Williams – New Heights (Visions of Aisha Malik)

Ras_G & The Afikan Space Program – Dance of the Cosmos

Holy shit, Ras_G tries his hand at house music?  Yes please!  His crazy sample heavy production style works really well in a house music setting.  If you’re a fan of Ras and his batshit beats, you’re going to love this.  It’s all about ‘Long Gone’ for me if I have to pick a fave, and I do.  I hope this is the first of many Ras_G house music records, because house music needs this kind of thing!

Elsa Hewitt – Citrus Paradisi

I have to give a shout to the Colectivo Futuro boys for putting me on to this one.  Elsa Hewitt writes, sings and produces all the music on offer here for this lovely album.  She’s obviously very talented as this is such an absorbing listen.  The music is at times abstract and at times all set for the dancefloor.  My favourite cut is probably ‘The Edge’, but the whole thing is a like a lovely cosy hug.  Artwork is sick too.

Stormcatz – Alternative Architecture 14

Alternative Architecture are something of an under the radar label. They’ve had quite a few releases that are hard to categorize, which is always a good thing in my opinion. This one is particularly up my strasse, a trio of off beat house steppers. I’m particularly down with ‘Dry’ with it’s woozy drunken keys and sharp percussion. As well as that it’s a ‘name your price’ release, so I urge you to throw a few sheckles in and give it a go, what have you got to lose?

Jeremy Hyman – Slide

Future Times is a label you can rely on for interesting, forward thinking electronic music.  This is their latest release from Jeremy Hyman, a name I’ve not heard of before, but will be investigating further after listening to this beauty.  Pick of the bunch is ‘Madness’ for me with it’s out there trippy vibes.  Saying that ‘Tinted Mirror’ is super lovely too sounding ultra lush.

Greater Manchester Housing Authority on a roll

It’s really difficult to keep up with this guy!  Last time we talked GMHA was back in December and yet there are two new smoking releases that have come out since.

Starting with ‘9/10 Centimetres to the Blackest Ever Black’, there’s a real nice flow and feel to this set.  Jazz takes the lead on this one expertly fused with bumping modern house riddims.  Highlights too many to mention, the whole thing is just one lovely trip.

So as well as that, he’s just put out another EP randing from the lovely downtempo number ‘Chops a Flyin’ to the peaktime banger ‘Anybody Know Who’.  As we said in the headline, GMHA is definitely on a roll right now!

Sababa 5 – Crossroads of Love

It’s always great to be sent new music and it’s always wonderful when that new music turns out to be something equally interesting and beautiful.  Sounding like an undiscovered Turkish funk joint crossed with a little Thai pop, this two tracker from Tel Aviv’s Sababa 5 is an absolute gem.  Featuring Tokyo born Yurika on vocals.  This one definitely getting an airing on the next Noods show, check it out at the link below