Insólito UniVerso – La Candela del Río

Olinda records, run by the Colectivo Futuro crew, have been gathering momentum with each release over the last year or so. This their fourth release is particularly special, an album from a Venezuelan quartet, based in Paris, Insólito UniVerso. The music on offer is equal parts joyous uptempo numbers mixed with deeper more melancholic moments. The album successfully fuses traditional Venezuelan styles with a more modern electronic sound. The band are also playing a gig this coming Friday at the Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston, support on the night from the Colectivo Futura DJ’s.

Update – the band will be performing live Friday afternoon on Worldwide FM for those who didn’t get a ticket for the gig



Greater Manchester Authority – Cosmik Musik II

GMHA has been knocking it out of the park recently with a series of self-released EPs over on his bandcamp page.  His latest, ‘Cosmik Musik II’ is an ace, fun collection full of dancefloor heat with a couple of beatless spacey moments thrown in for good measure.  The tune ‘Astronaut’, I’m told was made from parts of a track Dave Sector and Dominic Stanton were working on but couldn’t quite get together.  Dave sent GMHA the parts and was suitably blown away by the results!  Elsewhere there’s the awesome ‘De I Comahlee Ah’ and the cheeky ‘Clapping Song’ inspired ‘369’.  If this is the first you’ve heard of GMHA, make sure you check out the back catalog over on the bandcamp page, you’re in for a treat.

Cosmik Musik II


Enjoy The Ride

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